Teaching and Feedback for Faculty

Katherine Margo MD
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   Peer Reviewed Resource (Reviewed, Approved)
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   Faculty Development
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   11/24/2007 (10/08/2008)
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Description of Resource
  This is for a 2 hour workshop on teaching students and residents, including giving feedback.
Learner Type
  - Medical Student, Third-year
  - Medical Student, Fourth-year
  - Resident
Type of Material
  - Presentation Handout
  - PowerPoint Lecture
  - Education Subjects
    - Clinical Education Methods
    - Ambulatory Teaching
    - Clerkship
  - Faculty Development
Objectives (suggested 3-7)
  Preceptors will be able to list special needs of Adult Learners Preceptors will be able to identify strategies for teaching students and residents in an ambulatory setting Preceptors will be able to explain the Five Precepting Microskills. Preceptors will be able to discuss ways to give Feedback Preceptors will describe ways of Evaluation
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  - No
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  See reference list for excellent references on these topics
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  - Faculty Development