Reviewing Reports of Primary Care Research - WR Phillips

William R Phillips MD, MPH
Annals of Family Medicine
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Description of Resource
  A guide to being a peer reviewer for research reports considered for publication. Build skills to become a better reviewer, author and researcher. Presented by the editorial team of the Annals of Family Medicine.
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  - Resident
  - Fellow/Graduate Student
  - Faculty
  - Other Health Professionals
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  - PowerPoint Lecture
  - Faculty Development
  Faculty Development Topics
    - Fellowship Training
    - Grant-writing Skills
    - Research Skills
    - Writing Skills
  - Information Technology/Evidence-based Medicine
  - Research
  Research topics
    - Journal Clubs
    - Mentoring
    - Practice-based Research
    - Research Fellowships
    - Research Methods
    - Teaching About Research
Objectives (suggested 3-7)
  1. Understand the process of peer review in evaluating research reports. 2. Perform professional level reviews of manuscripts. 3. Apply skills to improve your own writing of reports and grant applications. 4. Identify issues of ethics and etiquette in reviewing manuscripts for publication. 5. Access resources on reviewing research reports and other published works.
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  - Yes
Describe the effectiveness (if available) and significance of your work
  Received excellent workshop evaluations from NAPCRG.
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  - Evidence-based Medicine
  - Faculty Development
  - Teaching Research in Residency