Knee and Shoulder Exam Curriculum

Kathleen Carr MD
Dennis Breen MD
Dan Smith DO
Craig Gjerde PhD
Marguerite Elliot DO
Sue Kostka RN,MS
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   Peer Reviewed Resource (Reviewed, Approved)
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   Musculoskeletal Education/Sports Medicine
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   06/07/2006 (10/09/2007)
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Description of Resource
  Materials for assessing and teaching skills in knee and shoulder exam.
Learner Type
  - Medical Student, Third-year
  - Medical Student, Fourth-year
  - Resident
  - Fellow/Graduate Student
  - Faculty
Type of Material
  - Computer and Multimedia
  - Evaluation Materials
  - Presentation Handout
  - OSCE Case
  - PowerPoint Lecture
  - Education Subjects
Objectives (suggested 3-7)
  Learn a standardized, evidence-based history and physical examination of patients with knee injuries WHICH WILL: Enable family medicine resident physicians to accurately diagnose common knee problems throughout the full age spectrum of patients seen in family medicine
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  - No
Describe any lessons learned
  Entry level skills are modest. Resident over-rate their skill levels
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  One presentation at STFM Authors Kathleen Carr, MD Dennis Breen, MD Dan Smith, DO Craig Gjerde, PhD Marguerite Elliott, DO Sue Kostka, RN, MS