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Last updated at 04/17/2009 11:42:53 AM EST by Julie Schirmer MSW

Group Medical Visit Curriculum

Julie Schirmer, LCSW, Kim Barbel-Johnson, DO, Marguerite Duane, MD, MHA, Marguerite Elliott, DO, MS, Arnold Goldberg, MD, Kay Levin, PhD, Kim Salloway, LCSW, Ed Shahady, MD, Carmen Strickland, MD, Angela Yerdon McLeod, DO

Welcome to the group medical visit web space.

     This site has been developed by a team of family medicine educators who are passionate about group medical visits. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to strategize, plan, and conduct group medical visits in primary care. The resources can take you from an innovative stage of experimenting with group medical visits to where they are fully integrated into your clinical care and training systems.

     We believe that group medical visits are an excellent way to provide patient care, to build collaborative teams and to train students, residents and all providers who work in health care.
     Resources are divided into the following categories:
           A.Starter Kit for Group Medical Visits
                1. Billing and Coding
                2. Challenging Group Participant Styles
           B. Chronic Illness Group Medical Visits
                2. Invitation Letter: Cardiac, MMC 
           C.  Prenatal Group Visits
                1. Center Pregnancy Program
                2. List of Topics: Prenatal Centering Pregnancy Group
                3. Prenatal Group Visit Curriculum Document
           D. Change Models
                1. Individual Change
                2. Systems Change
           E. PDSA Cycle
           F. Outcomes
           G. Competency Forms
                1. Student Competency
                2. Resident Competency
                3. Faculty Member Competency
           H. Internet Resources
                1. Provider Resources
                2. Patient Resources

     The site is very dynamic whereby you can go through the documents described on the right-hand side of your screen, going from beginning to end. Or for those of you who are looking for something specific, you can click on the designated document page to access the content areas that meet your specific need. Do not miss the useful powerpoint and word documents that can be accessed on several of the pages.

     Another useful part of this database is that you can click on resources that have been uploaded onto the fmdrl site about group medical visits.

Click here for the search on group medical visit resources.

Click here for the search on resources related to shared medical appointments, drop-in group medical visits (DIGMAs), and cooperative care clinics.

     As of March 07, you can access materials related to a general overview of group medical visits (Schirmer), training students (Gecht, Painter), residents (Schirmer), or practicing physicians (Shahady). You can also access materials related to content areas such as chronic disease (Schirmer, Candib, Shahady), prenatal care (Yerdon McLeod, Strickland), obesity (DiSanto, Painter, Rodriguez) or specific cultural populations (Candib). These resources will constantly be increased as more contributors download materials to the site.
Acknowledgments: Thanks and acknowledgement are given to the five year history of group medical visit work supported by the Family Medicine Education Consortium. Special thanks go to Larry M. Bauer, MSW, MS, Steve Masley, MD and Brian Stello, MD, who have been diligent supporters and contributors of these efforts.
Last updated:  April 17, 2009
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