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Last updated at 01/23/2009 01:37:45 PM EST by Sean Lucan MD, MPH
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If you find a section that is empty or needs some work, please feel free to contribute.  In order to edit or add to the wiki you must join the Group on Teaching Research in Residency

A primary goal of this wiki is to support faculty who are teaching research to residents but we hope that it will be useful to experienced research and other learners as well.  For more information on how to use a wiki click on Wiki Intro, Help, and FAQ.    Anyone can read the wiki or link to the wiki from their own web site.  You do not have to be logged in or on FMDRL to view this content.  This wiki works because of the many star contributors.

Getting Started with Family Medicine Research

Journal Clubs & Critical Appraisal

Scholarly Projects in Residency Training

IRB Issues and Participant Safety

Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research

Conferences accepting submissions of scholarly projects

Writing A Research Paper

Reviewing A Manuscript

Research Training and Career Development Awards

Finding Funding

Practice Based Research Networks

Community Based Participatory Research

Glossary of Research Related Terms

the word RESEARCH

Ideas for the Wiki











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